Vichinari skincare combines toner, lotion, nourishing cream and eye cream together into one solution.

Apply evenly on the face after washing at night, and give gentle pats using hands so the solution penetrates deep into the skin. Apply sufficiently around the eyes, lips and on the forehead where wrinkles may easily form, so as to prevent aging and skin wrinkles. Also, before going out, spray the solution on the face before wearing any make-up.
Apply liquid foundation thinly on the face using hands, put on color make-up and then spray it again on the face after completing these make-ups. This way you can enjoy excellent moisturizing effect. You may spray the solution on the face once again in the afternoon, and it creates a protective membrane on the face, protecting your skin from the hostile environment.
Vichinari skincare can be used for men and women.

  • It Soften rough skin
  • Eliminates the dry and tight feeling you experience after putting on make-up
  • Removes corneous tissues
  • Makes the make-up look light and natural
  • Helps the make-up to settle well on the face .
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Prevents wrinkles and skin aging
  • Offers excellent prevention against discoloration, acnes and atopic skin troubles


Major Ingredients:

Organic Germanium
Organic Germanium facilitates blood circulation and oxygen supply, and enhances skin cell activation. It maximizes efficacy of nutrients by effectively delivering nutrients down to the inner skin using electrons activation method. Serving as a catalyst for chemical reaction, it also revives efficacy of collagen. It leaves the skin sleek and fresh, and prevents acidification of blood and aging.

Organic Sulfur
Non-poisonous and non-odor sulfur extracted from plants. In the human body, organic sulfur is mostly found in the bones, sinews, finger nails, toe nails and hair. Skin wrinkles, discoloration and cornification of finger/toe nails are the results of sulfur deficiency. It blocks moisture loss of skin, and purifies harmful substances on the skin by promoting the keratin function of the skin tissue. It also as an adhesive to connect tissues of the skin and helps preserve the elastic skin as pentatonic acid(Ho-So2-S3-So2-0H) dissolves, insecticides and disinfects corneous substances on the skin.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Tahara Center & Yong S. Kim Acupuncture Clinic.


VICHINARI Total Skin Care - Makeup Cleanser




I have received the travel serum. So far I like the product. It keeps my face moisturized. I love the fact that it has natural ingredients in it. I think that I will be ordering a bottle of the skin care .... I hope that it helps the eczema on my hand also, it seems to be helping. I will keep in touch.
Janice Chapman (Fullerton, CA)

Thank you so much for the products that you sent to me for my baby. I had problem with my baby's delicate skin and I had tried many different types of soaps and lotions. But she still had rashes and itch iness especially on her cheeks. Her skin was really dry. She has beautiful skin right now since she used your product. Your soap is the best. I like the scent and the moisture. Thank you so much again.
Your product really helps my baby skin. Amazing!!!
Linda Cimino (Bound Brook, NJ)

I received your free sample off line and I love the Vichinari for dry skin. I have very dry skin and eczema.
It is like a water base but it has stopped my itching.
Helen Breath (Los Angeles, CA)

Thank you for following up call. I've been using the product since I got the sample. I really like it. I believe I will continue with these brands and I will tell my friends to try them too. Give me some time to finish up the rest of what I have. I am sure I will call you to purchase. Take care.
Nhan Nguyen (Westminster, CA)

My mom was fine, actually great! It is working wonders for her. I guarantee you that once she's finished with it that I'll be your first customer.
Diana Santos (Anaheim, CA)

Received the trial kit, I liked all the products. It's very high quality products.
Sarah Barker (Riverside, CA)


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